Great East Japan Earthquake Commemoration Free Concert

March 6, 2012 at 7:30 PM
Rose Theater, Frederick P. Rose Hall, home of Jazz at Lincoln Center on Broadway at 60th Street.

This concert is free but tickets are required.

On the first anniversary of the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami, a worldwide series of free concerts has been dispatched to convey the Japanese people's sincere gratitude to the global community for its tremendous outpouring of support. On Tuesday, March 6 at 7:30 PM, The Japan Foundation will present "Overcoming the Disaster: Gratitude from Japan to the World," at Rose Theater, Frederick P. Rose Hall, home of Jazz at Lincoln Center on Broadway at 60th Street New York City. The event features noted musicians from Japan of various genres, including artists from Tōhoku, the region most greatly impacted by the disaster.

The Japan Foundation is the organizer of this New York concert and the entire worldwide tour. The aim of the concerts is to show that Japan is steadily heading towards recovery with a new "Kizuna" - bonds of friendship - with the international community. The Japan Foundation writes, "We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the global community for their tremendous support....Through this project, we wish to convey a message from the citizens in the affected areas to the international community about how important and encouraging it is for those in difficulty to receive signs of solidarity from the unknown global community. At the same time we wish to show that we also stand by many other disaster victims and refugees around the world, thus sharing a heartfelt prayer for peace among all peoples."

The evening will begin with a prayer for disaster victims anywhere. Nine troupes, involving 30 musicians, will be presented. Headliners will include Ondekoza, seven players of enormous taiko drums whose performance is a fusion of dance and drumming. This performance will also include New York children playing bamboo instruments that will be fashioned in a workshop led by musicians of Ondekoza on Sunday, March 4 at Avenue C Studios on the Lower East Side.

Also headlining will be Wakumizu Kagura, a folk performing arts group from the area stricken by the earthquake and tsunami. Kagura is a Shinto musical dance,from ancient Japan thought to be pleasing to the gods. Twelve performers will appear.

The evening will also include Kazutoki Umezu with brass quartet Umezu Chibi Brass; Ochi Brothers (percussion duo), Sizzle Ohtaka (vocals), Suguru Ikeda (vocals & Iriomote sanshin, a stringed instrument), Yoichi Nozaki (electric piano), Yumiko Tanaka (traditional shamisen and vocals), and Bamboo Orchestra featuring Kimihiro Kitamura.

The commemoration project will be performed March 2 at The Ahmanson Theatre, LA Music Center and will tour to France March 10-11 and China March 14 to 26. The musicians are also performing at United Nations Headquarters. (Invitation only)

Information on the worldwide concert series is available at: (English) and (Japanese).

Video clips of selected artists are available at: The clips include performances by Ondekoza (Taiko Drums) and Wakumizu Kagura ( Tōhoku Folklore Group).

The concert has been curated and directed by Mitsuo Tamura. Production Manager is GOH Productions, NYC.

On Sunday, March 4 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM, musicians from Ondekoza and interpreters will lead up to 30 lower and middle-income students from the Lower East Side, ages 7-15, in a free bamboo instrument making workshop at Avenue C Studios, 55 Ave. C (near E. 4th Street). News and TV coverage are invited. The kids, mostly students of East Village Dance Project , will perform on these instruments as part of Ondekoza's performance at Jazz at Lincoln Center on March 6.

The Japan Foundation is the first organization to specialize in international cultural exchange in Japan. Its purpose is to contribute to the improvement of a positive international environment and to the maintenance and development of harmonious foreign relationships with Japan. Through efficient and comprehensive implementation of activities and international cultural exchange to deepen other nations' understanding of Japan, the Japan Foundation hopes to promote better mutual understanding among nations.

The performance is supported by the Consulate General of Japan in New York.

This concert is free but tickets are required.
General admission only.
Please do not wait to reserve. Because of limited seating, we may not be able to accommodate all walk-ups.
Frederick P. Rose Hall is fully accessible for patrons with mobility impairments.

Running time: 2 hours.